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Earn Free Gift Cards Playing Bingo Blitz With Fetch Play

By Chris Pagnani

April 12, 2024

Whether it’s while waiting patiently for your Starbucks order to be ready, standing in line at the grocery store, or even binge-watching a comfort show on streaming, we all use our phones to keep us entertained during life’s inevitable down times. While you may even feel guilty playing on your phone as much as you do some days, you can actually make that time work for you with Fetch Play. With Fetch Play, you can earn free gift cards playing popular games on your phone, including Dice Dreams, Spider Solitaire, and Bingo Blitz. 

Download Fetch Play, play Bingo Blitz and other games in your game library, and start earning rewards today!

*Not all games are available to all Fetch Play gamers. Keep checking back, as more games are always being added!

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What is Bingo Blitz?

Bingo Blitz is simply the best free online bingo game, and it’s one of many games available through Fetch Play. Just like the “analog” version of the game that’s known and loved in bingo halls all throughout the world, you watch for the numbers that are called (which are displayed across the top of your screen) and, if you have that number on your card, you cover (or “daub”) it by tapping the corresponding square. The object of Bingo Blitz, and the way you “get a bingo,” is by covering 5 squares in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) or by covering all of the squares on your board.

Is Bingo Blitz Free to Play?

Yes, Bingo Blitz is free to download and play for both iOS and Android devices. While you’ll see prompts asking if you’d like to spend money on in-game purchases, those transactions are totally optional and simply allow you to level up more quickly if you’d like. You do not need to spend any money to simply play and enjoy the game.

Does Bingo Blitz Pay Real Money?

No, Bingo Blitz does not actually pay you real money when you win. But when you play Bingo Blitz with Fetch Play, you can earn free (and very real) gift cards to popular retailers like Target, Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks, as well as gamer gift cards for the likes of Razer Gold, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and more!

How to Earn Gift Cards Playing Bingo Blitz With Fetch Play

To start earning free gift cards simply for playing games like Bingo Blitz on your phone:

  1. Download Fetch, and open the app.
  2. From the Social tab (which looks like a silhouette of two people), navigate to the “Play” tab.
  3. Browse your available game library, and start downloading games; all Fetch Play games are free to download!
  4. Play games on your phone whenever you have a few spare minutes, and earn points for completing in-game milestones.
  5. Once you have enough points (you can view your points balance in the top-right corner of the screen), go to the Rewards tab of the app (looks like a pair of gift cards), and redeem your points for the gift card of your choice. It’s that easy!

Is Bingo Blitz Legit?

Bingo Blitz is a totally legit mobile gaming app with a customer review rating of 4.6+ out of 5 stars in both the Google Play and iOS app stores. However, as mentioned above, the in-game currency that you earn from playing Bingo Blitz does not have real-world cash value, which is why the best way to enjoy the game and actually get rewarded for your time spent playing is with Fetch Play, which allows you to earn free gift cards. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, like Bingo Blitz, Fetch is totally safe, too.

How to Play Bingo Blitz

Gameplay in Bingo Blitz is nearly identical to traditional bingo:

  1. You will have a bingo card with 24 randomly-numbered squares and one free space in the center. Numbers are arranged in 5 columns of 5 numbers (save for the one free space), and each column corresponds to one of the letters in the word, “BINGO.”
  2. Numbers, all leading with a letter (EX: B21, G16, etc), are drawn at random. As numbers are called and displayed across the top of your screen, you check your bingo card and, if you have that number, you tap on the square to mark it off or “daub” it.
  3. Once you have 5 successful “daubs” in a row – 5 squares marked off vertically, horizontally, or diagonally – you have a bingo! To claim your bingo, you simply tap the “BINGO” button at the bottom of your screen.

The main differences between Bingo Blitz and regular bingo are the bonus squares, which award you with special prizes, and the power-ups, which help you get a bingo more quickly.

Who is the Actress in the Bingo Blitz Commercial?

If you thought she looked familiar and wondered who the Bingo Blitz commercial actress is, it’s none other than Drew Barrymore, best known for her roles in movies like Charlie’s Angels, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, Scream, and even E.T. (in which 7-year-old Barrymore made her big-screen debut). 

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More Bingo Blitz Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Don’t worry: we’re not going to spoil all the fun and ruin all the surprises you’ll get when playing Bingo Blitz, but since the fastest way to earn rewards for playing with Fetch Play is by completing milestones within the game, we thought it only fair to share a few tips. Here are answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions we get about Bingo Blitz.


How to Get Free Bingo Blitz Credits and Where to Earn More Freebies

There are so many different ways to get free Bingo Blitz credits. Here are the top methods for earning free credits and other freebies, both in and outside of the game:

Where to Get Free Credits Inside Bingo Blitz

  • Daily Rewards Wheel: Take advantage of your daily reward by spinning Doug’s Rewards Wheel, and you will often win yourself free credits.
  • Gift Center: When you visit the Gift Center, you are able to both send and receive free credits.
  • Boosts Store: You can collect free Daub Alerts from the Boosts Store, and these will alert you if you have a bingo, ensuring you don’t miss out on any winnings (like free credits) to which you’re entitled.
  • Credits Store: During special events, you will sometimes be able to get free credits from the Credits Store.
  • Gift Requests: With gift requests, you can ask friends for items you need to complete a collection, allowing you to complete collections and collect any winnings (like free credits) more quickly.
  • Friends Center: The Friends Center allows you to not only add friends and accept invite requests but also to send or even request gifts like free credits. 

Where to Get Bingo Blitz Freebies Outside of the Game

  • Mailing List: Subscribe to the Bingo Blitz mailing list, you’ll frequently be rewarded with free credits and other gifts in the emails that get sent out.
  • Facebook Page: If you follow the Bingo Blitz Facebook page, you can collect free credits from posts and special contests.
  • Facebook Global Community: If you join the Bingo Blitz group on Facebook, you can participate in weekly giveaways and other contests that can earn you free goodies in the game.
  • Facebook PLUS Group: If you’re really committed to getting as many freebies as possible on Facebook, you’ll also want to join the Bingo Blitz PLUS group.
  • Instagram: Follow Bingo Blitz on Instagram, and you can win a number of different freebies that are given away regularly in their Stories.
  • X (Twitter): You’ll also find weekly freebies exclusively given away via the Bingo Blitz X account. Pro tip: You’ll also want to follow Doug the Fish on X for even more chances to get free stuff.
  • TikTok: Follow Bingo Blitz on Tik Tok, where you can participate in contests that will earn you free prizes in the game.
  • YouTube: You can often find freebies “hidden” in the descriptions of videos on the Bingo Blitz YouTube page.

How to Use Coins in Bingo Blitz

Coins are among the three main in-game currencies in Bingo Blitz (along with credits and gems) and can be used in the Store for a variety of purchases, including unlocking treasures, picking up power-up packs to refill the amount of power-ups you have, and buying collection items needed to complete a set. You can earn coins in the game by completing levels, achieving certain milestones, and even by clicking on your teammates’ Bingo Blitz wall posts. You can also convert credits you have into coins.


What are Cities in Bingo Blitz?

In Bingo Blitz, the city you’re playing in is essentially the level you’re on. Once you’ve tapped on the city, you are taken to a room with an available bingo table, and this is where you play the game. Once at a table, you’ll also be prompted to indicate how many bingo cards you wish to play on for that game; you can buy up to four cards to play on for a single game.


What are Collection Items in Bingo Blitz?

In each city you play in, you are able to find and obtain 12 collection items; these items are collected through gameplay and can also be received as gifts from friends or by way of shadow cards. 

Once you’ve gotten all 12 collection items in a city, you win a prize in the form of either more daily credits or a larger bulk payout of credits.


What are Shadow Cards in Bingo Blitz?

Shadow cards are bingo cards that feature the outline of a collection item in the background; when you get a bingo on that card, you win the collection item.


What are Treasure Chests in Bingo Blitz?

Treasure chests contain prizes that can range from coins and credits to collection items and even power-ups. The way that you get treasure chests is by daubing treasure squares on your bingo card; you can also add treasure squares to your card when you get a treasure square power-up.


How to Use Power-Ups in Bingo Blitz

Power-ups are one of the key game elements in Bingo Blitz that offer a twist on traditional bingo. Getting three “daubs” on your card will charge up your power-up meter, which will then generate a power-up at random. There are a wide range of different types of power-ups, each with their own unique capability:

  • Double XP: Double XP power-ups double your earned XP for the round.
  • Double Winnings/Payout: Double winnings power-ups double your winnings at the end of a round.
  • Instant Win: Instant win power-ups add an instant win space at random to all of your bingo cards currently in play.
  • Treasure Square: Treasure square power-ups add a treasure square at random to all of your bingo cards currently in play.
  • Coin/Money Square: Coin square power-ups add a coin square at random to all of your bingo cards currently in play.
  • Single Daub: Single daub power-ups add a free space at random to all of your bingo cards currently in play.
  • Double Daub: Double daub power-ups add two free spaces at random to all of your bingo cards currently in play.
  • Supercharger: Supercharger power-ups allow you to fully charge your power-up meter in only two daubs, rather than three like normal. 

Get Rewarded for Playing Games on Your Phone With Fetch Play

Why waste time playing mobile games for no reward when you can quickly and easily earn free gift cards playing Bingo Blitz and other games with Fetch Play? Treat yourself today by downloading Fetch Play, browsing the available games in your library, and starting to complete milestones that will earn you big points in the app

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