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Earn Free Gift Cards Playing Dice Dreams With Fetch Play

By Chris Pagnani

March 18, 2024

If you love playing games on your phone but sometimes feel guilty about all the screen time, you need Fetch Play. With our gaming rewards app, you can make your gaming work for you and earn free gift cards simply for playing popular mobile games like Coin Master, Family Island, Candy Crush Soda Saga, and Dice Dreams.

Check out Fetch Play today, download Dice Dreams, and see how quickly you start completing milestones and earn points you can redeem for free gift cards in the app!

*Not all games are available to all Fetch Play gamers. Keep checking back, as more games are always being added!

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What is Dice Dreams?

Dice Dreams is a fun, easy-to-play social dice game that’s suitable for all ages. In the game, you roll the dice to explore kingdoms, collect coins, and build up the different structures in your kingdom; you also attack competing players’ kingdoms for a change to raid their treasure and build up your own wealth. While the game is fun to play solo, you can still enjoy competing with other players and seeing where you end up on the leaderboard!

Is Dice Dreams Free to Play?

Yes, Dice Dreams is free to download and play, as is Fetch Play. While you may occasionally see prompts asking if you’d like to spend money on different in-game purchases, these purchase recommendations are purely optional and can help you boost your rewards and level up more quickly. You don’t need to spend money to play and enjoy the game.

Can I Earn Money Playing Dice Dreams?

No, you can’t make money playing Dice Dreams on your phone. However, if you download Fetch Play and play Dice Dreams through our game library, you can actually earn free gift cards to top retailers like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and so many more!

If that sounds too good to be true and you’re wondering if Fetch is safe, not only is our app totally legit, but we have over 4 million 5-star reviews! See what all the hype is about by trying Fetch Play today.

How to Play Dice Dreams

Even if you don’t often play games on your phone, you’ll find Dice Dreams simple to understand and easy to play. The game is rated “E” for Everyone and appropriate for ages 4+, so you could play against your kids, or your kids could even play against their grandparents.

Here are the basics of playing Dice Dreams:

  1. Tap the red button to roll the three dice, or tap and hold to have the dice continue to roll themselves automatically.
  2. The dice have different symbols on them, so how the dice land will determine your prize. With each roll you have the opportunity to win the following:
    • Gold Coins: Used to build and complete your kingdom.
    • Attacks: Used to attack other players’ kingdoms.
    • Steals/Raids: Used to take gold coins from other players.
    • Fights: Used to battle other players in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
    • Shields: Used to protect your kingdom when under attack.
    • Free Rolls: Used to play the game and win rewards like the others listed above.
  3. As you collect coins, you are able to build up the structures in your kingdom. Once you’ve fully completed all the buildings, you complete that level and move on to the next level.

How to Get Free Rolls in Dice Dreams

Dice rolls are what propel gameplay in Dice Dreams, and once you’re out of rolls, you’ll have to wait until you have more to continue playing the game (unless you opt to purchase more rolls). Thankfully, there are a number of easy ways to get free dice rolls in Dice Dreams:

  • Play the Game Daily: The easiest way to get more rolls in Dice Dreams is to open up the app and play the game every day, as you’ll be rewarded with more rolls simply for doing so.
  • Increase Your Bet With Roll Multiplier: Upping your bet by using a higher multiplier when rolling the dice will increase any winnings you receive, and since sometimes those winnings are dice rolls, you are then increasing your opportunity to win more rolls.
  • Complete Kingdoms: When you complete the kingdom (or level) you’re on, you progress to the next kingdom, and you earn rewards for doing so. Sometimes your reward for completing a kingdom will be more dice rolls.
  • Invite Your Friends to Play: Not only does playing against your friends make gaming more fun, but you’ll also get free rolls when friends you invite to play Dice Dreams download the game and start playing.
  • Connect to Your Facebook Account: Dice Dreams will give you some free rolls if you connect the game to your Facebook account.
  • Participate in Special Events and Tournaments: Dice Dreams is always running different limited-time special events, and the winners of these events win rewards in the game, oftentimes in the form of free rolls. Sometimes you might even get more rolls simply for participating in an event that you didn’t end up winning.

Who is the Actress in the Dice Dreams Commercial?

If you’ve been wondering who the Dice Dreams commercial actress is, it’s Kate Beckinsale, who you’ll likely recognize from her work in movies like Underworld, The Aviator, Serendipity, and the remake of Total Recall.

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More Dice Dreams Hacks, Tips & Tricks

You’ll want to level up fast and start completing milestones if you’re looking to get free gift cards from Dice Dreams via Fetch Play. For that reason, there are certain fundamentals of gameplay you’ll want to know from the get-go in order to hit the ground running. Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions we get asked about Dice Dreams, as well as a few hacks and tips to maximize your gaming experience.


What Are Coins?

Coins are the in-game currency in Dice Dreams and are used to construct buildings, which is what then allows you to level up and move on to the next level.

Coins can be acquired through a variety of means:

  • Dice rolling
  • Tournaments
  • Trails
  • Treasure hunts
  • Inviting friends
  • Completing kingdoms

What Are Kingdoms? / How Many Kingdoms Are in Dice Dreams?

Kingdoms in Dice Dreams are the levels you must complete in order to progress in the game. To complete a kingdom, you must build up and restore all the buildings in that kingdom, and do this, you will use the coins you acquire.

To build up a building in your kingdom, you tap the hammer symbol in the bottom-right of your screen, but you must also have the requisite amount of coins for that particular structure. Buildings can be damaged during enemy attacks and, as a result, may need to be restored even after you’ve built them up.

To learn more about the kingdom or level you’re on, you can click on the hamburger menu in the top-left of your screen and then tap “Maps”; here, you’ll find the name of your current kingdom and its corresponding number.

Wondering how many kingdoms, or levels, Dice Dreams has? The answer may surprise you: new kingdoms are added regularly by game developers, so there isn’t actually a set amount of levels in the game. What that means for you is endless hours of gameplay, in addition to lots of opportunities to earn points you can redeem for free gift cards with Fetch Play.


What Are Crowns?

Crowns in Dice Dreams act as your leaderboard score and can be used to upgrade your cards. Crowns can be earned by restoring buildings and by acquiring new stickers.


What Are Boosters?

Boosters help you increase the amount of rewards you win in the game. Dice Dreams boosters include:

  • Building Blitz: Once activated, this booster offers you a discount on all building costs.
  • Hotshot Booster: When you hit the bullseye during attacks, you can multiply the amount of your prize.
  • Kingdom Prize Boost: When you complete kingdoms during the Kingdom Prize Boost event, you can earn even bigger rewards.

What Are Shields?

As the name suggests, shields are what defend your kingdom from enemy attacks. You can get free shields by rolling three shield symbols on your board, and using a higher bet multiplier when rolling will earn you even more shields.

The maximum amount of shields you can have in your inventory is 5. If you already have full shields and earn more, those additional shields will turn into free rolls.


What Are Cards?

Cards are items that help you earn more rewards. They can be won by spinning three “?” on your board. To see the cards you’ve unlocked:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu in the top-left of your screen.
  2. Click on “My Cards.”
  3. Once on your “My Cards” page, you’ll see the cards you’ve unlocked, as well as the level obtained for each card. You can also click on a card to see what your rewards are for each card.

There are 8 different types of cards in Dice Dreams, and each card type has its own unique feature or power:

  • Coins Card: Shows you your Coins Card level and lets you know how many coins you can receive and earn hourly from drawing this card.
  • Attack Card: Lets you attack an enemy player’s kingdom and earn coins as your reward.
  • Steal Card: Lets you loot an enemy player’s treasure.
  • Rolls Card: Shows you your Rolls Card level and lets you know how many rolls you can receive and earn hourly from drawing this card.
  • Joker Card: Gives you free rolls for a limited time.
  • Fight Card: Lets you fight enemies through a game of rock-paper-scissors and win gold or more rolls.
  • Raid Card: Lets you raid an enemy player’s treasure.
  • Event Card: Lets you win points from any events that are running at the moment.

What Are Stickers?

Stickers are items you collect during gameplay and are organized into sets, with each set consisting of 12 different stickers; when you complete a sticker set, you win rolls, and the rarer the set, the more rolls you win. The level or “kingdom” you’re on determines the stickers you find in packs, as higher levels have rarer stickers.

Dice Dreams stickers belong to one of four different categories:

  • Common Stickers: These are considered “regular” stickers and can be readily found in packs and traded with other players.
  • Golden Stickers: These stickers are more rare and can only be traded during Golden Trading Days.
  • Super Stickers: These stickers are even more rare than Golden Stickers, can only be earned during special events, and cannot be traded.
  • Wild Stickers: The rarest of them all, Wild Stickers can also only be earned during special events and can transform into any sticker you need.

Get Rewarded for Playing Games on Your Phone With Fetch Play

Ready to earn free gift cards fast? By playing games like Dice Dreams with Fetch Play, you can. Treat yourself today by getting Fetch Play (it’s free to download!), checking out your available game library, and downloading some free games. You’ll be on your way to earning rewards in a hurry!

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