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Earn Free Gift Cards Playing Family Island With Fetch Play

By Chris Pagnani

March 5, 2024

Social media makes it easy to spend too much time on our phones without any tangible gain, but with Fetch Play, you can actually get a lot in exchange for your time (and without all the doom-scrolling). With Fetch Play, you can easily and quickly earn free gift cards simply by playing mobile games and having fun. Enter Family Island! It’s one of the most popular casual app-based games, and while millions of people play the game and get nothing to show for it, you can actually get free gift cards playing Family Island with Fetch Play. Download Family Island with Fetch Play today, and turn your time spent gaming into free rewards!

*Not all games are available to all Fetch Play gamers. Keep checking back, as more games are always being added!

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What is Family Island?

Family Island is a fun, single-player casual mobile farming game that centers around a Stone Age family living in modern times. In the game, you get to choose your own adventure and decide if you want your family to farm and harvest your crops, build houses and upgrade your village, or even set off to explore and conquer new territories. The game also allows you the opportunity to play as different characters within the family.

Is Family Island Free to Play?

Yes, Family Island is both free to download and play. While you will sometimes receive prompts asking if you’d like to spend money on in-game purchases to more quickly upgrade your village, for example, you do not need to pay any money to play and enjoy the game; in-game purchases are completely optional.

Can I Earn Money Playing Family Island?

While you cannot earn money playing Family Island, when you download Family Island through Fetch Play, you can earn free gift cards to top retailers including Amazon, Target, Apple, Google Play, Starbucks, Whole Foods, and so many more. 

Fetch Play is essentially your fast-pass to all kinds of gift cards for popular stores, restaurants, and entertainment, and all you need to do to get free gift cards is play fun games on your phone. Whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting for your kiddos in the pickup line after school, or waiting for your partner to finish up with work, there’s lots of time we all just spend waiting around, so why not make that down time work to your advantage? Try Fetch Play today!

How to Play Family Island

In Family Island, you are a member of a Stone Age family (not unlike The Flintstones) comprised of parents Bruce and Eve and their children Tim and Lizzy. As it’s an adventure-based mobile farming game, the object is to help them tend to their farm, harvest crops, and build up their village, while also setting out to explore and find resources and different kinds of treasure.

Gameplay is very intuitive, and when you first start, you’ll be prompted to take the foundational actions you need to take in order to progress; for example, you’ll be instructed to “Tap a bush to eat berries” or “Upgrade the house” once you have the supplies you need to do so. When you begin a new level, you’ll also be given a preview of new items to collect and build; at the start of Level 2, for instance, the game lets you know you’ll be using string, fried roots, and salt and building your dinner table and loom, all for the first time.

Following the game guide in the left-hand corner of your screen (found underneath your Player Profile) is your ticket to completing the required quests needed in order to progress to the next level in Family Island, so pay attention to those prompts, and you’ll be leveling up in no time!

How to Get Free Energy in Family Island

There are a number of ways to increase your family’s energy in Family Island. You’ll get free energy when you:

  • Upgrade your family’s house
  • Feed your family
  • Have one of your family members take a shower or use the bathroom
  • Complete the Merchant’s and Shaman’s orders
  • Find chests and rare items denoted by a gift box
  • Participate in special events and tournaments
  • Fulfill orders from your Order Board
  • Hang out near Energy Generators (Picnic Spot, Basketball Hoop, Totem of Happiness, Time Fountain)
  • Follow Family Island’s different social media channels to learn about giveaways (Pro Tip: You can even win free energy by sending them a Facebook message once every 24 hours.)

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More Family Island Hacks, Tips & Tricks

We wouldn’t want to spoil all the fun and reveal every aspect of Family Island before you’ve had a chance to play for yourself, but there are also a handful of questions that we frequently hear about the game. With that in mind, we thought it couldn’t hurt to give you a bit of an insider’s scoop on some of the essential tips and tricks you’ll need to know when playing Family Island.


How to Level Up Fast in Family Island

If you’re looking to progress through the game quickly and efficiently, here are the top 6 ways to level up fast in Family Island:

  1. Gathering resources
  2. Manufacturing items (with the resources and materials you gather)
  3. Constructing and upgrading buildings
  4. Exploring other islands (for the purposes of gather more resources)

What is the Daily Reward?

Every day that you log in to play Family Island, you’ll be treated to a Daily Reward simply for playing. Rewards can be anything from free energy to rubies and gold tools.

There is actually a Daily Rewards calendar, so your reward each day will be different throughout the 7-day cycle. After you play 7 consecutive days, the rewards will reset, but if you miss a day, the Daily Rewards calendar resets that, and you start from the beginning.

Since the Daily Reward is offered every 24 hours, here’s how to find out how much time is left until your next Daily Reward:

  1. Tap the hamburger menu in the top-right of your screen.
  2. Click on the calendar icon, and this will take you directly to the Daily Reward section.

In addition to the Daily Reward, there are also milestone rewards throughout the month, with an extra big prize after 30 consecutive days of gameplay. You can see your milestone reward progress bar at the top of the Daily Reward screen; after 30 days, the milestone reward progress bar will reset.


What is the Chest of Fortune?

The Chest of Fortune is a hidden treasure chest containing secret prizes that you’ll need to find. To find the Chest of Fortune:

  1. Collect puzzle pieces and special tools, including the shovel, magnifying glass, and keys.
  2. Complete the puzzle to form a treasure map, which will mark when the Chest of Fortune is hidden.
  3. Go to the location that the treasure map indicates, and clear out some of the resources concealing the spot shown on the map; the Chest of Fortune will then appear.
  4. Use the shovel, magnifying glass, and key to open the chest, and claim your reward!

What Are Pink Bags in Family Island?

Pink Bags in Family Island are bags filled with useful resources. The actual contents of the Pink Bags will vary, but the items inside are worth the effort you’ll put into tracking them down.

You’ll have to do some hunting to find the Pink Bags. Some places you may find Pink Bags include:

  • Behind a bush
  • Inside a tree
  • Underneath a rock

How to Get Keys in Family Island

Keys can be used to open chests in Family Island. There are several different ways you can get keys, including:

  • Completing a chain of orders from the merchant
  • As a reward for participating in certain events
  • As a part of special offers you can buy in the game

How to Get Free Rubies in Family Island

Rubies are one of the main in-game currencies in Family Island. Rubies can be used to speed up progress and even purchase certain premium items. There are several ways to get free rubies in Family Island, including:

  • Play the game daily: You will earn daily log-in bonuses and rewards, and sometimes these are rubies.
  • Complete collections: Collect all the items in a specific set, and you can earn free rubies.
  • Complete quests and participate in special events: Completing special quests will often get you free rubies, and participating in themed events will often earn you rubies simply for participating, even if you’re not the winner.
  • Connect the game to your social media account: The game will sometimes give you free rubies simply for connecting your game account to social media.
  • Watch ads: While maybe one of the less exciting options, watching ads is another method that can sometimes earn you free rubies.

How to Get Feathers in Family Island

Feathers are another type of resource you’ll need to collect in the game. Starting in Level 7 of the game, you can get feathers from your chickens. To get feathers in Family Island:

  1. Prepare special food in the mill.
  2. Feed your chickens.
  3. Be patient – you may not get any feathers on your first try.

Turn Your Gaming Into Gift Cards by Downloading Family Island With Fetch Play

Who says playing games on your phone is a waste of time? Answer: Someone who either hates getting free gift cards (seriously, who is this person?) or someone who just doesn’t know about Fetch Play. Fortunately, you do know! Check out Fetch Play today, download Family Island, and turn your time spent gaming into free gift cards you can use to treat yourself, your family, and your friends.

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