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Earn Free Gift Cards Playing Travel Town With Fetch Play

By Chris Pagnani

June 14, 2024

Ever notice how often you turn to your phone to keep yourself entertained during life’s inevitable down times, like standing in line at the grocery store or waiting for your Uber Eats order to arrive? Even with just 5 or 10 minutes to spare, we as humans are usually checking or doing something on our phones, but you can actually make that time work for you and get rewarded for time spent on your phone with Fetch Play.

With Fetch Play, you’ll earn Fetch Points for downloading games and completing in-game tasks. Those points can then be redeemed for free gift cards to your favorite retailers, like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and so many more. And the best part? The Fetch Play game library features so many of the mobile games you already know and love, like Monopoly Go, Solitaire Grand Harvest, Merge Dragons, and even Travel Town.

Download Fetch Play today, and read on for the inside scoop on how to play Travel Town and level up quickly to start earning rewards!

*Not all games are available to all Fetch Play gamers. Keep checking back, as more games are always being added!

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What is Travel Town?

Travel Town is a match and merge mobile game where players match similar items in order to create new ones. As you work through merging items, you begin to develop and beautify your town, and as you make further progress, the game takes you through a variety of themed destinations. The game is both strategic and relaxing at the same time, making it an ideal way to mentally unwind after a day at work or even just during short breaks throughout the day.

Is Travel Town Free to Play?

Yes, Travel Town is free to download and play, so the fact that you can actually earn gift cards simply for playing the game via Fetch Play should be a no-brainer!

From time to time, you will see prompts asking if you’d like to spend money on in-game transactions, but those purchases simply help you level up faster and are not required to keep playing Travel Town.

Can I Make Money Playing Travel Town?

No, you can’t make actual cash playing Travel Town on its own, but when you download Travel Town with Fetch Play, you can earn real-life gift cards for free simply for completing in-game tasks. For that reason, Fetch Play is the best way to get rewarded for playing games and make the most of your time spent on your phone.

How to Earn Gift Cards Playing Travel Town With Fetch Play

To start earning free gift cards simply for playing games like Travel Town on your phone:

  1. Download Fetch, and open the app.
  2. From the Social tab (which looks like a silhouette of a trophy), navigate to the “Play” tab.
  3. Browse your available game library, and start downloading games; all Fetch Play games are free to download!
  4. Play games on your phone whenever you have a few spare minutes, and earn points for completing in-game tasks.
  5. Once you have enough points (you can view your points balance in the top-right corner of the screen), go to the Rewards tab and redeem your points for the gift card of your choice. It’s that easy!

How to Get the Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town

One of the questions we get asked the most about the game is, “How do you get the Mysterious Fossil?” You can get the Mysterious Fossil in Travel Town by combining two fossil pieces. Here is a step-by-step guide to finding the components needed to make the Mysterious Fossil:

  1. Merge the mystery items to first produce the island.
  2. Tap on the island to make the first fossil piece.
  3. Complete another mystery order to get the second fossil piece.
  4. Complete the final mystery order to combine the fossil parts and make the Mysterious Fossil.

Even Kylie Jenner Loves Travel Town

If Travel Town seems like a fun time (spoiler: it is!), you’re not alone in thinking so. Kylie Jenner, one of the stars of the E! reality TV series Keeping Up With the Kardashians and founder of Kylie Cosmetics, is also a big fan of Travel Town! We know so because, back in December, she talked about playing the game in a post on her Instagram account (which has since been taken down).

More Travel Town Hacks, Tips & Tricks

Excited to earn free gift cards fast playing Travel Town through Fetch Play? If so, there are certain tips and tricks you’ll want to be aware of in order to start leveling up and completing those in-game tasks. While we wouldn’t want to spoil all the surprises, here are a few need-to-know Travel Town hacks we think will come in handy. 


How Many Levels Does Travel Town Have?

That’s a great question and, if we’re being honest, even we have no idea how many levels Travel Town has. Games similar to Travel Town often have hundreds of levels to play through, and unless the game developers tell us, there’s no way to know the exact amount. The good news is that the more Travel Town levels there are, the more opportunities you have to complete milestones and earn rewards with Fetch Play.


How to Get Free Energy in Travel Town

There are several ways to get free energy in Travel Town, including:

  • Through natural everyday gameplay
  • Completing quests like daily challenges, mission events, and other mini-games
  • Trading in diamonds in the store
  • Watching in-game ads
  • Following Travel Town on social media to be the first to learn about special offers and giveaways

What Do Wild Pearls Do in Travel Town?

In Travel Town, wild pearls can be merged with any other item, essentially making them a “wild card” item.


What Do Scissors Do in Travel Town?

Scissors in Travel Town can be used to actually work backward and split an item into two lower-level items.


What Do Chests Do in Travel Town?

In Travel Town, chests can contain items like diamonds, energy, or coins, and they’re fun to open because you don’t know which items you’ll get or even how many! 


How to Get Diamonds or Gems in Travel Town

In Travel Town, diamonds, or gems, are items that can help you speed up gameplay by allowing you to buy energy or other items, so they’re really valuable when acquired. The two most reliable ways to get more diamonds in Travel Town are:

  • Unlock stickers in your collection: When you combine two similar items for the first time, not only is a new item created on your gameboard, but a sticker of that new item is also added to your collection as a gift box. In your collection, you can tap on the gift box and get one free diamond.
  • Participate in social media contests:Follow Travel Town on Facebook, as this is where the game developers host contests for their followers, and oftentimes the prizes include free diamonds.

How to Get the Comic Book in Travel Town

In order to create the comic book in Travel Town, you first need to max out the books (to create the first draft, or max-level journal) and pencils (to create the fountain pen); you then merge the first draft and the fountain pen to get the comic book.

Start earning Fetch points by playing Travel Town - play now

Turn Your Gaming Into Free Gift Cards With Travel Town and Fetch Play

Stop wasting time on your phone playing games for no reward when you can easily earn free gift cards playing games like Travel Town using Fetch Play. Download Fetch Play today for free, scope out your game library, get to playing, and start earning!

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