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Treat Yourself

Fetch’s Ultimate Gamer Gift Guide

By David

November 3, 2023

Whether you have a gamer in your life or are looking for a little something for yourself, Fetch is your source for the best gamer gifts.

  • Gifting for a PC gamer? Try a new gaming chair or gaming accessories like a new headset or mouse.
  • Do you need a gift for someone who games through dinner? We’ve got the perfect selection of snacks for gaming (they make great stocking stuffers).
  • Not sure what to get the gamer on your list? One of the best and easiest gifts for gamers comes right from your Fetch rewards app: free gaming gift cards.

Check Your Rewards

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Your Guide to Gaming Gift Cards

You read that right: free gaming gift cards in the Fetch app.

You’ll be able to snap those receipts and cash in points toward gift cards for Razer Gold (for the uninitiated, this is unified in-game currency compatible with over 60,000 titles) or the big three (PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox). You’ll also find free gift cards for specific games in the app, which means you can get something specific for that Roblox or Fortnite fan, even if you’re not quite sure what a Roblock is.

We’re firm believers that gift cards make some of the best presents, especially when they’re free. Knowing what console your gamer plays on (or the particular game that claims most of their screen time) shows your gamer you know them and trust they’ll know how to spend that gift card better than you would.

Gamer gift cards found in the Fetch app: Xbox, Playstation, Roblox, GameStop, Nintendo, Razer Gold

Snacks for Gaming

If you’re eyeing gamer gifts for someone you live with, you might already have an idea of what their favorite gaming snacks are. You’ll definitely want to go with their go-to if you know what it is, but here are a few more to plan as a stocking stuffer (or just a regular addition to your pantry):

  • Granola Bars – Strike a balance between sweet and healthy, especially if your gamer tends to forget breakfast or dinner.
  • Fruit Snacks – Pop back to childhood with these sweet classics that will give your gamer that extra boost of energy to make it to a stopping point.
  • Beef Jerky – Jerky and other dried meats will keep for ages and stay right by the gaming chair for a salty alternative (or pairing) with a soda, candy or fruit snack.
  • Protein Bars – For a serious streamer or that 100%’er in your life, protein bars are more than just a gaming snack; they can be a real meal replacement when the game takes priority.
  • Protein Powders or Shakes – If it can help you bulk up at the gym, it’s always a good option for gamer fuel.

Remember to always have water on-hand, too. It’s important to keep that hungry gamer fed, but it’s even more important to keep them hydrated. Get your gamer snack shopping list together in the Fetch app, so it’s always on-hand at the store.

Gamer Chair

Gone are the days of sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the living room TV, especially for any Millennial or Gen X gamers. More than just an office or computer chair, the right gamer chair can have:

  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Multi-layer seating with cushions, springs and cooling gel pads
  • Storage pouch for peripherals and accessories
  • Color to match your gaming and streaming setup
  • Massage settings
  • Retractable footrests
  • Durable, stain-resistant upholstery

Finding the right gamer chair can be a bit like shopping for your living room couch. Your best gamer gift for someone in need of a gaming chair might be a gift card to a retailer like Amazon.

Gamer Accessories

What’s the perfect gamer gift for the gamer who has everything? That’s a trick question; everyone could use either more, new or upgraded gamer accessories. If you listen to the gamer you’re shopping for, you can probably get a good idea on what they might either need or need upgraded. Some popular gamer accessory gifts include:

  • Upgraded gaming keyboard or mouse
  • New desk mat or mouse pad
  • Controller dock or charging station
  • New wireless controller
  • Skin, protective case or carrying case for a portable like the Nintendo Switch
  • Poster or print of a favorite character
  • Clothes or backpack from a favorite game

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Find Gamer Gift Cards in Your Fetch App

You can redeem Fetch points for gaming gift cards in the app, and while you’re there, see how easy it is to rack up more points on gaming chairs, accessories and snacks. New to the app? Learn how easy it is to get the most out of it with our tips and tricks.

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