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Fetch’s Favorite Summer Date Ideas 

By James Robinson

July 10, 2024

Summer romance feels silver screen special whether you’re courting someone new or keeping the flame alive with your partner of decades. We’ve crafted a list of our favorite summer date ideas to add to your summer bucket list, all of which are guaranteed to bring you and your S.O. closer together.

And while we know three’s a crowd, we hope you’ll let Fetch tag along on your date. Our free rewards app lets you turn all your purchases into points that can be redeemed for free gift cards. So this week’s date night could very well help fund your next one. Download Fetch today to start earning rewards!

Alright, Fetch fam: Let’s feel the love.

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20 Fun Summer Date Ideas to Try With Your Significant Other

1. Go Berry Picking

Head to a local farm that lets you pick your own berries, then drop into Target for a pie crust or whipped cream, so you can turn them into a delicious dessert for two once you get back home.

2. Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

Maybe you’d rather enjoy homemade goodness without picking your own fruit. No problem – spend a lazy day strolling your local farmer’s market to find anything from jams and jellies to organic produce.

3. Take in the Stars

Summer nights bring bright stars and warm breezes, so why not take advantage by stargazing with the one you love? You can even find a hammock big enough for two from Dick’s Sporting Goods and spend the night outside as the constellations circle above you.

4. Enjoy an Outdoor Movie Night

Prefer Hollywood stars to those in the heavens? Grab your laptop or iPad and some popcorn, then snuggle up under some blankets outside while streaming a movie or two from Amazon Prime Video.

5. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Big festivals and acts cost correspondingly big bucks, but many towns host summer concerts that are either free or very close to free. Have a Google to see what’s happening on the cheap in your local area, or redeem your Fetch points for a free gift Stubhub gift card and splurge on nice seats to an upcoming show.

6. Picnic in the Park

Here’s the quintessential summer date your great grandparents might have taken, and it’s still a perfectly pleasant way of whiling away warmer days. As you stock up on snacks and drinks for your picnic, be sure to use Fetch at the grocery store in order to earn rewards.

7. Enjoy an Early Morning Hike

Take in the majesty of nature by waking early and hiking up the nearest mountain to catch a glorious sunrise with your someone special. We recommend filling your thermos at Dunkin’ for a reviving treat once you reach the top.

8. Do an Ice Cream Taste Test

Whether you head to your nearest Dairy Queen or Cold Stone Creamery, or opt to buy some fun new flavors at the grocery store, there’s no better way to beat the summer heat than by sampling different ice cream flavors. Bonus points if you make the event more “official” by constructing score cards to use and rank the flavors you try.

9. Go Paddleboarding

Kayaking, canoeing, and tubing are all a hoot, but try stand-up paddleboarding for some tranquil exercise with the one you love. Activewear is your best bet for water sports, so visit Lululemon together prior to paddling.

10. Plan a Beach Day

Whether you want to chill together while topping up your tans or best another couple at volleyball, nothing says summer like a day at the beach. With enough Fetch reward points to earn free gift cards for Airbnb, you could even book a romantic night close to the coast.

11. Be Tourists in Your Own City

Weird how we never do tourist attractions close to home, right? You can break the habit by checking out touristy hotspots in your backyard – with so many cultural attractions free to visit, this is a good call for cheap summer date ideas.

12. Go to a Ball Game

Take advantage of baseball season by heading to the local stands. Be sure to split a dog with your partner and cheer hard for every hit… just try to support the same team!

13. Eat Al Fresco at a Local Restaurant

Sharing a meal outside on a summer evening adds something special to this date night classic. It’s one of the most popular ideas for a reason, and Fetch gift cards available for Panera and Chipotle mean you won’t need to break your weekly budget.

14. Host a Game Night

Summer nights also work for one of our top indoor date ideas: couples game night. Invite fellow couples for some scrumptious snacks and friendly competition – old standbys like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit are fine, but why not visit your local Barnes and Noble for a host of newer options?

15. Take a Wine Tasting Class

Sipping varieties from local wineries and vineyards while pretending you really can taste all the notes you’re being told about is always fun, especially when you can giggle along and enjoy the atmos with your partner. Best to Uber home from this one (and you’ll earn rewards on your Uber ride, too).

16. Take a Scenic Drive

The traditional summer road trip is a college classic, but you’re a grownup now with a job and everything. Split the difference by rolling down the windows and enjoying a scenic drive together while a cool summer playlist streams Amazon Music.

17. Brave Your Nearest Amusement Park

Cool off by flying through the air on a rollercoaster or getting soaked on a log ride. Hold your partner’s hand tight through the loops and twists, remembering to pull faces for the camera.

18. Have a Coffee Date

Coffee shops might seem unimaginative, but the charm of sitting outside on a warm summers day as you sip one of those new Summer-Berry Refreshers at your nearest Starbucks will make them seem like all-new experiences.

19. Do a BBQ for Two

There’s something innately romantic about preparing a meal with your partner. Why not opt for something you can only do in summer? Load up the Fetch grocery app to take pictures of each receipt, then drop into your local grocery store to pick up anything from ribs to corn on the cob.

20. Have an Epic Water Gun Fight

Embrace your inner child by picking up a couple of water guns and hunting each other around the yard. It’s the best fight with your partner you’ll ever have.

20 fun summer date ideas

Summer Date Night Outfits

Our summer date ideas could see you donning anything from swimming gear to hiking shoes, but what’s considered appropriate for more traditional date nights?

Women’s Date Night Outfits for Summer

Bringing late sunsets and warm evenings, summer nights are all about bright colors and light, breathable fabrics – plus some skin-baring styles to show off your gym gains.

For more formal summer fashion as you dine al fresco or sip cocktails on a rooftop bar, try pairing a cool cross front top with a midi skirt or go all-out with a figure-hugging cutout body dress. A backless bodysuit worn over white jeans or a crop top with midi skirt go hard when you need to go casual, and don’t discount the classic summer dress with wide brim hat as a look that’ll take you from beach to bistro.

Men’s Date Night Outfits for Summer

Guys should prioritize versatility in their summer date night outfits – you want something that can work well between venues and preferably be changed up a little if things grow cooler or warmer.

Old Navy jeans or chinos always work, preferably paired with a lightweight shirt you can unbutton at the top to stay cool. Swapping canvas sneakers for Chelsea boots can turn this look from casual to nightwear. If formalwear is required, look for suits in lighter shades of blue or gray made from either linen or a lightweight wool weave, such as fresco or tropical.

Let Fetch Help Make Each Summer Date Night One to Remember

Whether you’re seeking outdoor date ideas for hot summer days or ways to earn the most rewards, the team here at Fetch can help. Be sure to keep checking back for our latest updates and offers. Still don’t have Fetch? Download the app today!

And if things go well, one day “Fetch” could make for a pretty great baby name. Something to consider!

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