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How To Use Fetch

What is the Fetch App?

By Team Fetch

January 23, 2024

Welcome to Fetch, the America’s rewards app! You’re already making purchases, so why not get a little something extra for your money? Snap your receipts with Fetch, and you’ll get points which can be redeemed for free gift cards to your favorite retailers. It’s that easy!

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Discover Your OffersHow to Use Fetch QR code

Shop Offers That Boost Your Points Balance

Regardless of what you buy or where you shop, you’ll get points on every receipt you snap with Fetch, but the real pro move is shopping our offers. Browse the offers in the Discover tab, and you’ll find the products that will earn you the biggest points and turn every single receipt into a big points boost!

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Offers tab in Fetch app showing point values

Earn Rewards to Treat Yourself (and Others!)

You deserve to treat yourself, and with Fetch, treating yourself is easy. When you use Fetch consistently, your points begin adding up quickly, and you’ll very soon have enough to convert your Fetch points into gift cards. Whether you want to use your free gift cards as gifts for friends and family or you want to use them to buy yourself something fun, there’s no wrong way to use your rewards.

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Rewards tab in Fetch app

Refer Your Friends and Rack Up Even More Points

You can even get points for referring your friends to Fetch. Simply share your referral code with your family, friends, your postal worker, strangers at your neighborhood coffee shop, or anyone else, and you’ll get BIG points when they download Fetch and snap their first receipt.

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Earn Points for Playing Games With Fetch Play

The newest exciting feature to come to the app, Fetch Play turns the fun up to 11 by allowing you earn points by playing games online. Play as much as you want, and see your points balance continue to climb!

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Follow Us on Social to Participate in Giveaways

In 2023 alone, Fetch awarded over 50 million points on Instagram across our many giveaways! And it’s not just points our followers are getting – from gift cards to gaming systems and subscriptions to services we all use in our everyday lives (like Netflix and DoorDash), it pays to be our friend on social media.

Don’t miss out on frequent opportunities to be a big winner – follow Fetch and our CEO, Wes, on Instagram, so you’ll have the inside scoop leading up to our next big giveaway!

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“Is Fetch Legit? This Seems Too Good to Be True”

With over close to 5 million reviews in the Apple App Store, nearly 1 million reviews on Google Play, and average ratings of 4.6+ stars between the two, we hope it’s evident that our Fetch Fam loves the app, and we hope you do, too!

Start having fun, saving money, and treating yourself with Fetch today!

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